The Reasons Why We Have To Live With Organic Cosmetics

Ingredient Commitment


At our shop, All our Cosmetic not contain the ingredients below.

A. Old labeling designated ingredients such as parabens, pigments, and fragrances

B. Quantitative regulated ingredients such as preservatives such as phenoxyethanol

Even if you look for it all over the world  there is no such cosmetics like  made by Japanese craftsmanship.


Why Organic Cosmetics?

A. If continue to use it, the skin will become stronger, and the amount to use will decrease steadily.

B. Low percutaneous toxicity and safe

C. Protect small animals from testing on volunteer female skin


・ Use ingredients that are not chemically synthesized as much as possible

・ Produced from raw materials at domestic factories


→ Increase the number of jobs for an elderly and 

 disabilities  people in rural areas

→ Contributing to the revitalization of the Japan Economy

→ Less energy is erased

→ As contributes to the protection of the global environment

Prolonged use of cosmetics containing fragrances and preservatives may increase blemishes and wrinkles.

The results of experiments conducted by a research institute of a major cosmetics manufacturer have been reported. Living cosmetics also balance the indigenous bacteria and support the skin to exert its original power ♪


(1) Difficult to make stains and wrinkles
(2) It will not dry
(3) The pores are tightened!


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